AIADA Recall Format

Your AIADA has the information you need to accurately process a recall. Read, print and save the entire PDF –> AIADA Recall Format

Automotive Recalls:
Repair, Report and Register
Safest Practice: Have all recalls completed before selling.

1). Inventory: If possible, get all recalls completed before selling the vehicle.  Go to and enter the vehicle VIN number for a list of recalls.

2). Selling vehicle: Go back to and print a new updated recall history report to be sure that nothing new has been added.  Have your customer sign and date a copy of the report.  Keep a copy in the deal file. The safest practice is to MAKE SURE ALL RECALLS ARE COMPLETE BEFORE COMPLETING THE SALE! If not all can be completed consider whether or not you want to sell the vehicle.  If you decide to sell the vehicle, you should disclose the existence of the recall, give the customer the name, address and phone number of the closest dealership of that brand. You should check with your attorney for a  recall disclosure form.

Make sure you completely disclose the recall issue in writing, completely inform the customer and provide a signed copy of the notice and recall history report prior to the finalization of the sale.

3). If a recall is pending, register the new buyer with the Original Equipment Manufacturer through the closest dealership.

4). Give the customer a copy of the recall information.  Keep copies of all of these records in your deal folder.

5). The new FTC Buyers Guide form tells the Customer to: Ask for a Vehicle History Report and Open Recalls.

6). Read the back page of the FTC Buyers Guide.  Fill the form out completely and have customer sign.

7) Vehicle History Reports:

Autocheck, CarFax or go to:

NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System) for Approved NMVTIS Data Providers

SEE ALL OF THE RECALL FORMAT HERE                                                                                       

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