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August 11 2020 AIADA Newsletter

Attention Dealers and Vendors:

I want to let you know your association, AIADA along with NIADA is working continuously to find the best ways to do business during the Covid-19 Pandemic!

We cannot take Covid-19 away, or back up the way we did business before Covid-19. but we can help you face the New Covid-19 World with knowledge and confidence!

I realize each of us wake up each day looking for best ways to make our business survive! We need to meet our customer’s needs, keep our employees working, and provide for our families!

The good news is! this is why the AIADA & NIADA was created, for times like this!

We have some of the top people in the nation in every part of the automotive industry working to help you survive and grow through the Covid-19 Pandemic!

Can you imagine work on different ways to work through the Covid-19 Pandemic by yourself! Wouldn’t it be better to learn from other dealers across Alabama and the Nation, sharing your ideals, taking the ideals they have tried, taking the best ideals and tweaking them to fit your business needs!

You can surround yourself with people working on the same goals as you!

Join the 6th Largest Independent Automotive Dealers Association in The Nation!

Right here in Alabama!

Join the thousands of dealers and vendors from across the Nation, start now on building your success!

You get both AIADA & NIADA for one low price of $290.00 A Year!
Or You can join for $29.00 monthly with no contract!
Click On The Link Below To Join Now!

Remember: AIADA & NIADA are working with different State & National Task Force’s, along with our local legislators in Alabama & Washington DC to express the needs of the Independent Automotive Dealer’s and our customers!

If you have any questions call me

Randy Jones

Cell (205) 790-3020

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