Meet the AIADA Executive Board

President, Chad Tillery
Ellison Auto Sales, Inc. Jemison
President Elect/Chairperson, Robert Case
Roberts Auto Sales, Hartselle
Vice President/Chairperson of Alabama PAC Fund, Rodick Underwood
Anthony Underwood Auto Sales, Bessemer, AL
Chairman of the Board, Todd Oden
MTO Motors, Birmingham
Treasurer, Randy Crump
Secretary, Erik Yarbrough


Barry Searcy, E-Z Ride Auto Sales – Muscle Shoals
Lance Turner, PEE WEE Turner Motors Inc. – Anniston
Willie Colvin, Colvin Auto Sales – Tuscaloosa
Bryan Cooper, Richard Hughes Motors – Huntsville
Tim Duke, Tim Duke Auto Sales – Birmingham
Randy Crump, Friendly Auto Sales – Jasper
Larry Morris, Morris Auto Sales – Birmingham
Reed Ingram, Reed Ingram Motor Co. Auto Auction of Montgomery – Montgomery
Kelly Steely, Steely Lease Sales – Hoover

Ken McFarland, City Auto Sales – Hueytown
Jerry Giles, Superior Auto Sales – Tuscaloosa
Randy Little, Little’s Auto Sales Inc. – Satsuma
Erek Yarbrough, First Class Auto Sales LLC – Pleasant Grove
Chris Mundy, Mundy Motor Co, Inc. – Columbiana
Randy Sheffield, Sheffield Motors Inc. – Thomasville
Chris Mullinax, CRM Motors, Inc. – Hoover
Ricky Young, Young Motors – Boaz
Patrick Graves, LR Auto Sales – Moody

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics | Alabama Independent Automobile Dealers Association

As a member of the Alabama Independent Auto Dealers Association, this firm believes in treating its customers honestly and fairly. We believe it is our duty to provide a place of business where motor vehicles may be purchased with confidence. To implement these principles, The Association has adopted this code of ethics:

  • We will employ truth and accuracy in advertising and selling.
  • We will stand by any guarantee given with the sale of a motor vehicle.
  • We will furnish every purchaser with an approved Bill of Sale.
  • We will guarantee the title of every car sold by this establishment.
  • We will not sell former taxicabs without advising the purchaser that such is the fact.
  • We will comply with National, State and Local rules and laws prescribed to regulate our business
  • We will not perform any act which would bring disrepute to the independent automobile industry.
  • We will expose or halt, wherever found any scheme designed to deceive or defraud the automobile buying public and will aid in prosecuting those guilty of such acts.
  • We will strive constantly to improve our business methods to the end that the public will be better served.
  • We will encourage the American system of free enterprise.
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