Help AIADA stomp out Curbstoning!


Stop Curbstoning is a cause supported by a group of concerned corporations and organizations within the automotive industry. Its mission is to educate used car buyers, unite car dealers, and motivate municipalities to take action against this growing problem.

What is a Curbstoner?
Curbstoning is the sale of used vehicles by unlicensed dealers/individuals who pretend to be private parties in order to evade regulation. Their customers often get saddled with damaged, dangerous, or uninsurable vehicles – vehicles that may not be street safe – vehicles may not be able to be titled in Alabama… And by which time you find this out, the curbstoner is long gone with your cash.

Curbstoning is illegal in Alabama and defrauds thousands of unwary consumers every year. Curbstoners are scam artists. State laws prohibit private citizens from selling multiple cars or vehicles other than those titled to them. Curbstoning involves individuals who ignore these laws meant to protect consumers from unlicensed, unscrupulous sellers. Frequently, they sell vehicles reputable dealers won’t touch, those with hidden problems in their past, problems that can affect both the safety and the value of these vehicles.

Sometimes the curbstoning issue can be a very difficult problem to deal with and each case stands on its own. Sometimes it’s an easy fix, easier than you think. Education and diplomacy play a major part of achieving success when communicating with those involved. However, what may have worked in one case may not work in the next one.

The best way to deal with curbstoning when it’s being done on commercial property is to talk to the property owner. If it’s a business, then deal with the business owner or manager. Typically if it’s a business chain like a parts store, talk to the store manager. If you do not get results, then you may need to contact their corporate office. Should you need some help with that, contact the AIADA office and we will be glad to help draft a letter that can be from us. Understand that in some cases you may want to remain anonymous.

It’s Easy To help stop Curbstoning:
Take digital pictures of the Curbstoner with your cell phone, it is important to capture the seller’s phone number, the vehicle’s vin number (this will show where the vehicle came from, auction, dealer trade or so on) and the location the vehicle is offered for sale (a picture showing the vehicle displayed in front of business or house, please include physical address and date pictures were taken). Text them to Randy Jones (205) 790-3020 or email to

AIADA will handle it from here and will forward them to the proper law officers.

Working together we can stop this!

If you know a dealer involved in curbstoning, you need to call the AIADA office (205) 942- 1000. This seems to be occurring more with the newer dealers who cannot afford a reasonable place of business with a display area. It is very serious when dealers are found curbstoning.

Read the Curbstoning bill

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