New Coupon APP! Get it Today!

GET THE NEW AIADA 2017-2018 Member Benefit Auction Coupon App Today!

Android Phone search for app “AIADA” or this is the download link for the Android App:

Apple Phone go to App Store search “AIADA” or this is the download link iPhone:

If you don’t know you AIADA Membership Number, just put in ”1” and we will update this for you.

Click “Membership Rewards

Click on 3 lines at upper right side

Scroll down to “Register”, fill out completely

User Name (at least 3 charters):

Password need at least 8 charters, one lower case letter, one upper case letter and one number

Click back on 3 lines

Scroll down to “Member Rewards”

You’re Done!

Don’t click on “REDEEM”!!! This is done at the auction, you will need the last six or eight of vin, show it to the person you usually give your coupon to and they will click on “REDEEM”, an email will instantly be sent to the auction and to you. You cannot use this coupon again.

If you’re not a AIADA Member, call (205) 942-1000 or email to get started.

If you need help call (205) 942-1000 (205) 790-3020


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